Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a branded or “rebuilt” title?

When a car with a “salvage” title has had any necessary repairs done and has been inspected by the state it resides in, then it can be issued a “rebuilt” title, also referred to as a “branded” title. A rebuilt title is treated like a clean title in most situations, as it can be registered and insured just like any other vehicle with no penalties for the title status.

What is a salvage title?

Any time an insurance company takes possession of a vehicle, regardless of damage, that vehicle is issued a “salvage” title automatically and can only be issued a “rebuilt” title once the car has been fully inspected by the state it resides in and after any necessary repairs are complete to the state’s satisfaction.

Is a salvaged title car safe?

A vehicle with a currently salvage title cannot be driven on the road. It MUST go through a state inspection to ensure safety and issued a REBUILT title before it can be driven, registered, or insured. Once a car has a rebuilt title, it is safe to drive and can be treated like any other vehicle on the road.

Can I get one of your vehicles inspected by a mechanic before I buy it?

Yes! We pride ourselves on transparency about our work and are happy to set an appointment time for you to have one of our vehicles inspected by any local mechanic.
And if you’re short on time, we can also recommend some mobile vehicle inspectors that can conduct thorough on-site inspections for you so that you don’t have to set time aside from your schedule.

Who made the repairs to the car?

There are occasional exceptions, but almost all of the cars you see on our website and car lot have been repaired by us. We also own a Honda parts business and body shop 5 miles down the street from our dealership and all repairs are made there. We use only OEM parts on our vehicles and once all repairs are made and the vehicle passes state inspection, it will be detailed and sent down the street to our dealership and listed on our website.

What is your standard warranty?

On most vehicles, we include a FREE 90-Day/3,000 mile warranty on the engine and transmission that is fulfilled by our shop. However, every vehicle is different, so check with a sales associate regarding a warranty on the car you're interested in.

Can I finance a rebuilt title car?

Financing rebuilt titles is probably the biggest difference between a rebuilt and a clean title. Plenty of people finance rebuilt title cars, but the lenders are limited. The three best lenders who finance rebuilt title vehicles for our customers are USAA, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Suntrust Lightstream. Suntrust Lightstream is the best option if you are not able to join USAA or Navy Federal Credit Union.

How long have you been in business?

We have had our parts business and body shop open for over 25 years and have been selling rebuilt title vehicles just as long. We have been constantly growing through the years and opened a second location 4 years ago at 3344 Buford Highway in Cumming, Georgia, which is where we still sell most of our cars today!

Can I insure a rebuilt title used car?

Yes! A rebuilt title vehicle can be registered and fully insured the same as any clean title vehicle.

Can I insure a salvaged title used car?

Salvage vehicles cannot be registered or insured until they have completed the rebuilt process and passed necessary inspections.
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