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About Branded Titles

What is a branded title and why are more people buying them?
A branded title car is simply a car that has experienced an insurance incident. There are several levels of insurance claims that result in a title being changed from clean to branded.

The Four Categories We Look For Are:

Collision - There are nearly 20,000 vehicle accidents in America, daily. These accidents result in minor damage to total loss. With so many thousands of cars receiving branded titles daily, AMG Automotive Group certified buyers are trained to seek out the lowest damage,safest and most reliable.
Those hand picked vehicles are then repaired back to factory specs by our in house professional trained and certified rebuilders. Then vehicles are put through a 151 point in house inspection. Once it has passed it is ready for the State Inspector to pass and receive its branded title to then prepare for its new owner.

Flood - A vehicle that has received a branded title due to flood are the most sought after by our buyers. It is also the hardest to find, These vehicles have been in or near water. We do not buy vehicles that have been under water. In fact, we strongly encourage anyone to never purchase a flood vehicle that has been submerged. The reason these are most appealing is due to the fact that these cars have the least amount of damage and the easiest to recondition and restore. This vehicle goes through a comprehensive moisture extraction process using state of the art equipment and process to return the vehicle to pre-flood condition. Then all electronics, switches and fuses are tested to make 100% certain that the vehicle is fully operational. Once this has occurred it then goes through 151-point, in house inspection to prepare for State Inspector to extend these great savings to its proud new owner.

Hail - This type of branded title is self explanatory but here is some insight that goes into the process it takes to recondition. Hail comes in all shapes and sizes and generally without warning. Some hail can be as large as baseballs. Throwing dozens of these baseball sized chunks can leave small dings on the top surfaces of a vehicle’s hood, roof and trunk lid. Ding removal is very time consuming and most insurance companies would rather brand a title than invest in the very time consuming and expensive process of ding removal. Then these vehicles receive replacement parts to restore to normal. Again keep in mind, the mechanics and interior of these vehicles have not been exposed to any of the damaging weather elements making them a very smart buy. These vehicles too are put through the double inspection processed leaving the final inspection up to the certified State Inspector to pass along the branded title making it available to sell to its new owner.

Theft - There are over 2,000 cars and trucks daily stolen from their owners. These vehicles usually sustain some level of damage in the process and often end up as branded title vehicles. Our AMG Automotive Group certified buyers will then hand pick those vehicles to put through the inspection, restoration process.
We at AMG Automotive Group, only purchase vehicles in these categories, which are the safest and most easily repaired. Those vehicles are brought back to factory specifications by our own certified techs then inspected, certified and cleared by the State Inspector. For 30 years, we have sold branded title vehicles, saving our customers as much as 30% off NADA retail value.
Here is an example, say someone breaks into a car and takes off. An insurance claim is then made. Say they find the car a month later, the only damage is to the console and window where they broke it to take it. The engine and all of its components are perfectly fine. It still gets tagged and sent off to the auction where we then find it. We buy the car at a significantly lower price, bring it in for inspection, repair, detail, state inspection where it then becomes branded as a clearance from the state to allow us to then offer it to you.

That is why choosing a company that has over thirty years experience in evaluating and selecting the best and safest inventory is crucial. We stand behind our vehicles by issuing a 90 day/3000 mile warranty and have a long line of happy customers that have become a part of our branded family. We are building relationships not a quick sale. Once you become part of the family, we want you to stay a part of our family! Family to us means trust and reliability. We have been in the same location for 30 years and own our own parts company that has access to thousands of parts at wholesale prices. Need a set of tires? Brake pads? We are always here for you! So you are never left on your own even years later, we are always here for any of your car needs. We have a facility less than five miles away that inhabits our well trained and certified rebuilders and techs.

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